Legal Disclaimer

A necessary legal disclaimer:
The mental exercises suggested here do not represent any kind of therapy or medical advice. If you have a medical condition, please seek advice from a qualified physician. The author advises discerning if you have the mental stability required to experience emotionally charged situations. Also, you may relax into states which could entail the temporal dissolution of the self and the experience of heretofore unknown states of mind which can be quite overwhelming.
The material presented in these pages may lead into supra- or para-intellectual journeys outside of ordinary experience. Such an experience can be inspiring, exalting, surprising, or, in some cases, frightening. The author strongly recommends that any reader with a psychic medical condition refrains from performing  the mental exercises laid out in the meditations suggested here.  The author also advises that the reader has sole responsibility for the usage of these techniques. The author declines any liability for unwanted results from using these exercises.

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