• The world is in a mess and it looks as if it is getting worse.
  • Need proof? Google images: "wounded children Syria" or "wounded children <any war theatre>".
  • Political approaches to change are not effective and violent approaches cause more trouble.
  • Urgently required changes to the world´s affairs will only come about after cataclysmic events.
  • Such cataclysmic events would kill millions if not billions.
  • Unless there is an effective and non-violent approach to betterment.
  • Science shows that psychic phenomena are real.
  • Science shows that psychic phenomena have an impact in the material world.
  • Psychic phenomena work from "within" and are non-confrontational.
  • The impact of psychic phenomena increases with the number of psychic operators.
  • Directed volition projected out of an altered state of consciousness will effect change.
  • The larger the number of psychic operators, the more effective the change.
  • Time is running out. 
The power to change the world is the Power of Spirit in the Quality of Love. Science has proven that material reality can be influenced by human consciousness. This blog invites people to meditate and invoke feelings of love and compassion and direct or beam such feelings of love and compassion towards a stricken person, group, peoples or geographical area. The power of the conjoined minds will change reality, the more minds, the more significant the change.

What now?

 There we are at the beginning of the 21st century. After a few million years of human evolution, all we have to show for it is the world on the brink of decay. All the combined intelligence of the ruling classes, the academics, and politicians after WWII has brought nothing but a failure on a global scale as a result of the Ponzi scheme called the current socio-economical paradigm.
If you watch the news, and not necessarily only the mainstream mass media, but a few alternative channels, you know what I mean.
Increasing poverty all around the world (with still a few exceptions), many countries on the edge of bankruptcy, widespread famine, appalling health conditions in many 3 rd world countries and revolutions and war or rumors of war with no end, not to mention pollution and the general neglect of the environment.
We don’t want to expand that here; many other blogs and websites are covering the global misery in detail. As your author has been a problem solver by profession, the issue we wish to deal with in this blog is: What to do about it?
There are some alternative options for the way forward, and none of them looks very promising. Take for example the option to just carry on as before. That will not work because the socioeconomic systems of the world will not be able to withstand the pressures from the debt-ridden money system for more than a few years before they collapse in a final cataclysmic event.
Or take the option of the “march through the institutions”, to alter the system from within. Well, that has been tried before, and there is ample proof that the system is capable of corrupting just about everybody. And even when a political fraction with a credible agenda for genuine change becomes relevant, then the system musters enough power to render that movement ineffective, in more than one way.
Or the romantic option of revolution, the violent or the non-violent kind. What can be just said here is that this will not work too. The system owns the infrastructure a revolution would need to communicate, and it owns the media channels through which they keep the population glued to the brainwash box. It also owns the feedback channel, the internet, which tells them if the messages spread out through TV have properly infested the masses.
Also, violence is no solution too, even if it were possible to counter the massive defenses the system has built up meanwhile. Violence would just perpetuate the circumstances and mindsets a revolution would have intended to overcome. The current state of affairs after millennia of violence vividly shows that violence has never and will never result in making the world a better place.
Then, what is left? Some people have the idea of dropping out by starting to raise sheep in New Zealand or similar romantic endeavors. It is just too bad that in a global economy, New Zealand and every other place on the globe worth visiting is damn close to the banking system and the current economic paradigm will catch up with just about everywhere. 
Also, the planet´s odylic ambiance is becoming more and more infested with all the pain, suffering, hate and desperation caused by the current ruling powers, and sooner or later this will be felt anywhere around the globe.
This blog adds another idea how to deal with this situation and the human condition on a more general basis. There are excellent, scientifically established reasons to concede the following facts:
  • Quantum theory, as one of the most undisputed concepts of reality today,   demands the existence of additional physical dimensions, non-local phenomena and the formative power of consciousness as a valid premise.
  • Consciousness is the fundamental formative agent of all of existence.
  • Consciousness is non-local and timeless.
  • Psychic phenomena are real and point to a dimension of reality outside of the classical 3D-world.
In this context, a different way of dealing with circumstances is suggested, which is as revolutionary as it is evolutionary:
According to the latest findings in science and referring to sources in psychology, religion, and philosophy, and by practical experience, this blog is going to show that there is a reality other and higher4D (I will explain the exponent use in one of the next posts) than our normal 3-dimensional world. Consciousness connects us to this realm outside4D of the classical world. 
It is not only possible but our evolutionary destiny as a species to expand our awareness into these domains, thereby gaining the insight and the capability to alter reality from within4D, towards the vision of a world in which “Best for All” is the governing paradigm.
If you are interested and open to these thoughts and are willing to make a difference, “from the convenience of your home” ;-), then be welcome to study what is offered.

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